At Bonnema, even the storage systems are moving!!!

A Warehouse without issues, no problem for Bonnema Lean Production Solutions!

Our systems are developed with a purpose: one person should be able to load and unload all heavy and light materials by him or herself. This makes the warehouse clear and ergonomically. The storage-systems are saving a lot of space and are developed according the lean production processes. Due to the modular design of our systems, we can change and alter the storage systems without any problem to fit materials and products of all shapes and sizes. This gives our customers the possibility to create a system that fits their needs.

The company Bonnema will always supply a complete solution to our customers. In close cooperation with the customer we will develop and design the best intra-logistic plan. To serve our customers in the best possible way, we always put our focus on the continuity and improvement of the production output and with this information we design the storage systems. Our customer can trust Bonnema to supply the most versatile solution in the best quality that will be an absolute improvement for the manufacturing and the operations.




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